ITC supplies high quality wear parts for agricultural applications

ITC has 20 years of experience as the dominant agricultural ground engaging tool and wear parts provider to North West New South Wales and beyond.

Today, ITC has an extensive range of minimum tillage parts, and is the Australian distributor for Forges De Niaux and Boron Access, both located in France. Their range includes discs, coulters, sweeps and points in various sizes guaranteed to meet your needs.

Forges De Niaux has been innovating agricultural wear parts for over a century, having been established in 1881, and manufactures 1.2 million discs per year, exporting to over 60 countries.

ITC can supply discs for a range of applications such as seeding, conventional stubble ploughing, vertical tillage, ploughing, and levelling & refining.

ITC supply premium quality discs that combine hardness and wear resistance with a flexibility that is resilient to shocks and deformation. Manufactured with special, high grade quality steel and a patented manufacturing process that results in a self sharpening blade with the longest lifespan on the market and the lowest cost per hectare.

Coupled with our extensive range of tillage parts to suit all types of agricultural equipment and with our continued growth of new inventory lines, we will have the right solution for your needs.  
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