As one of the most effective methods for hardening and enhancing wear resistance, TCO involves the deposition of a special tungsten carbide grit material on metal components. Having supported TCO and agricultural wear parts to Australia for 20 years, ITC delivers the highest quality products every time, with our Tungsten Carbide materials sourced from exceptionally trusted quality manufacturers.


Special TCO

Automation welding procedure: Our consistent use of Tungsten chip distribution is dedicated to supporting your equipment.

Experienced welders: Our hand-welding procedures are conducted by our team of well-experienced welders. TCO engineering through skillful techniques.

Short lead time: We forecast most TCO Ag parts on-shelf before peak season demand to supply you with the right parts you need for demanding seasons.

Best quality TCO in the market: Our TCO is backed by proven track data of field trial records.   


durability & 

wear resistance

Robust & reliable: TCO features a hard and durable surface, which helps to extend the lifespan of tillage tools and high-wear components and reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Improved efficiency: By reducing downtime due to wear and tear, TCO increases the efficiency of agricultural operations.

Cost saving

& increased


Save time & money: TCO reduces overall maintenance costs and prolongs the lifespan of your machinery, leading to long-term cost savings.

Better soil preparation: TCO helps maintain the shape and function of tillage tools, which leads to better soil preparation and improved crop yields.

Reduced soil compaction: The hard and durable surface of TCO helps reduce soil compaction and improve soil health, leading to better crop yields and improve overall agricultural productivity.

Our TCO Products

In agriculture machinery, Tungsten Carbide Overlay extends the lifespan of parts and components that are in contact with high levels of abrasion and wear such as plows, cultivators, harrows, and other tillage parts. With the TCO being hard and durable, it makes an effective solution for reducing downtime and maintenance costs and improving overall agricultural productivity.

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